CMC for Petroleum Drilling Fluid

Oil drilling grade PAC&CMC

PAC & CMC is used in oil drilling fluids, cementing fluids and fracturing fluids. It is mainly used as a tackifier, fluid loss reducer and rheology control agent in drilling fluids; it is used to control fluid viscosity, suspend heavy objects and prevent fluid loss in cementing fluid; it is mainly used to carry filling in fracturing fluid. Objects, prevent fluid loss.

1. Application of “Linguang” CMC in fresh water, seawater and saturated brine

It has uniform substitution molecules, low dosage and high pulping rate;

Good salt and alkali resistance, strong antibacterial performance and easy to use;

The fluid loss and viscosity-increasing effect are obvious;

Rheology control and suspension ability.

2. Application of "Linguang" CMC in drilling fluid

Protect the drill bit and increase the drilling speed:

In low-solids and solid-free drilling fluids, the fluid loss can be significantly reduced and the thickness of the cake can be reduced;

It has a good inhibitory effect on shale hydration.

3. Application of “Linguang” CMC in cementing fluid

It can better protect the well wall and prevent fluid from entering the pores and cracks;

It can better control fluid viscosity, heavy material suspension and prevent fluid loss.

4. Application of "Linguang" CMC in fracturing fluid

CMC products are used in fracturing fluids to efficiently carry “fillers” into the fractures of oil wells and establish permeate channels for effective fluid control.

Enter the oil well structure to reduce fluid loss and reduce pressure drop;

Ultra-high viscosity products can also replace guar gum, reducing production costs.





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