CMC for Instant solution

Instant special CMC

Powdered CMC has agglomeration when dissolved, and the dissolution rate is slow, which affects the user's use. After surface treatment of CMC, the powdered instant CMC is obtained, which has good dispersing performance, no clumping, fast dissolution rate and stable viscosity, and solves the problem of user use, and is widely used in ceramics and papermaking industries.

Other industrial grade CMC

CMC is extremely versatile and adaptable, and is an indispensable raw and auxiliary material for many industrial fields. It is one of the best active auxiliaries in the synthetic washing industry. It has the functions of emulsification, thickening, homogenization and protective colloid: it is a thickener and film-forming agent in the coating industry, which can make the product storage stable, uniform color and flow. Good denaturation, easy mechanical construction, help to improve the flexibility and gloss of the coating: it is a lubricant and gas generating agent for the welding electrode industry. It has the characteristics of pressure coating, lubricity and peeling resistance: it is the stick of the battery industry. Additives, thickeners and dispersants: pelletized mineral binders and flotation inhibitors in the mining industry. They have good cohesiveness and spheroidality. They are used as regulators in the flotation process. Use of slime dispersant: CMC is used for mosquito coils, which can enhance the toughness of mosquito coils, make it difficult to break and break, and play a bonding role, with good molding performance and smooth surface.





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