CMC for Dyeing and Textile

The application of CMC in the textile industry is mainly used as a textile sizing and printing paste.

  1. CMC is used as textile sizing. Because CMC has stable characteristics and good film forming properties, it has a high affinity with cellulose yarns and makes the film have high strength, reducing the “jumping” and “decapitation” on high-speed looms. "phenomenon. The serosity formed by CMC is water-soluble and has the characteristics of biodegradation. As a finishing agent for fabrics, it can replace the traditional starch slurry and greatly reduce the environmental pollution of fabric re-sizing and desizing.

2. CMC is used as printing paste, mainly as a thickener, emulsifier and suspending agent. CMC for printing and dyeing is not easy to react with reactive dyes; it has good paste rate and stable storage; large structural viscosity and good water repellency, suitable for rotary screen, flat screen and manual printing; refined CMC has a high degree of water-soluble solution gel. High transparency, excellent permeability through filtration and filtration, stable viscosity, can enhance the hydrophilicity and penetration of dyes, thus improving the clarity of printing and the fixing power of pigments. It has good rheology and is more suitable for the fine pattern printing of hydrophilic fiber textiles than sodium alginate. The actual printing effect can be related to the latter. It can be used instead of sodium alginate or compounded in printing paste. Achieving good economic benefits.





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