Jutai Chemical postpone the resumption of work to 03rd,February!
Updated : 2020/01/31

Jinan Jutai Chemical Co.,Ltd answer the government's call to postpone the resumption of work to 03rd,February!

With the approval of the state council, in order to strengthen the prevention and control of the pneumonia epidemic caused by the new coronavirus, effectively reduce the number of people gathered, prevent the spread of the epidemic, and better protect people's life and health, we hereby notify the following specific arrangements for the extension of the Spring Festival holiday in 2020.

1. The Spring Festival holiday of 2020 will be extended to February 02nd (Sunday, 9th day of the 1st lunar month), and work will begin on February 03rd (Monday).

2.Colleges and universities, primary and secondary schools, and kindergartens in different places shall postpone the start of the semester, and the specific time shall be notified by the education department separately.

3. Employees who are unable to take a vacation due to the prevention and control of the epidemic disease shall, in accordance with the provisions of the labor law of the People's Republic of China, arrange for compensatory leave, and the wages during the absence shall be guaranteed in accordance with the relevant policies.

General office of the state council

26 January 2020 [1]



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